By Mary Ormson

This article is a part of the September/October 2021, Volume 33, Number 5, Audiology Today issue.

Whether performing a comprehensive audiological assessment or verification of a hearing aid fitting with probe microphone measurements, audiologists can use integrated software solutions to maximize an efficient workflow.

Access to the right software tools helps ensure consistent and accurate reporting of test results and improved productivity while minimizing interruptions when moving between assessments.

Working in a single software platform offers many benefits for an integrated workflow, including:

  • An efficient work process facilitating performance of routine tasks.
  • Consistency with user-defined required tests within custom protocols.
  • Detailed custom report templates to include test results from multiple devices.

The result is two-fold: a better experience for the patient from assessment to fitting and an increase in confidence for the clinician that the work performed is complete and accurate. 

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